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 Saturday, Jan 20 
Still no Kentucky pension bill in sight (WAVE)
The plan was for the Kentucky General Assembly to have pension reform passed and out of the way long before now. Instead, we're 12 days into the 2018 session and no bill has yet seen the light of the day.

 Friday, Jan 19 
Full Time Paramedic: Oldham County/Baptist EMS, La Grange (Oldham) KY

 Friday, Jan 19 
PRN - Paramedic: Hart County Ambulance Service, Munfordville (Hart) KY

 Friday, Jan 19 
PRN - EMT: Hart County Ambulance Service, Munfordville (Hart) KY

 Thursday, Jan 18 
Proposal would axe weather monitoring stations in Kentucky (U.S. News & World Report)
A network of 69 weather monitoring stations used to issue warnings for tornados and flash floods across Kentucky would be eliminated under the latest budget proposal from the state's Republican governor.

 Thursday, Jan 18 
Coal severance funds going towards the purchase of new Whitley ambulance (News Journal)
Whitley County EMS will be getting a new ambulance thanks to coal severance money.

 Thursday, Jan 18 
Bevin takes $201 million from state workers’ health plan to balance proposed budget (Lexington Herald Leader)
Bevin’s biggest transfer would be $201.5 million over two years from the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan. The state health plan is a favorite for governors and lawmakers to raid because it usually runs a fat surplus.

 Thursday, Jan 18 
Death toll in Kentucky from widespread flu rises to 34 adults and 2 children (Louisville Courier Journal)
At least 34 adults and two children have died from the flu in Kentucky, according to a release from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

 Wednesday, Jan 17 
Louisville Metro EMS looking to hire 40 EMTs, free paid training available (WDRB)
Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services has started the application process for a class to train EMT recruits.

 Tuesday, Jan 16 
IV bags in short supply across US after Hurricane Maria (CNN)
Puerto Rico, which produces more pharmaceuticals by dollar value for the nation than any of the individual 50 states or any foreign country, has been key to the supply of these IV saline bags.

 Tuesday, Jan 16 
Anchorage Fire Department approves plan to merge with Middletown (WDRB)
The Anchorage Fire Department board has unanimously approved a plan to merge with the Middletown Fire Department.

 Tuesday, Jan 16 
Bevin issues ultimatum: If courts block Medicaid plan, half million Kentuckians will lose care (Louisville Courier Journal)
Gov. Matt Bevin has issued an executive order that would strip Medicaid coverage from nearly half a million Kentuckians should his proposed overhaul of the federal-state health plan be struck down in court.

 Tuesday, Jan 16 
Officials: 911 locators less precise than Uber (EMS1)
National Association of State 911 Administrators executive director Evelyn Bailey said the locator system is not always reliable.

More News

Kentucky Legislative Session: The 2018 Kentucky Regular Legislative Session is a long session limited to 60 days that began on January 2. February 16 is the last day for new bill requests. February 26 is the last day for new House Bills and February 28 is the last day for new Senate Bills. The legislature will not meet during the Veto Period of March 29 through April 9. The final two days scheduled are April 12 and 13. The schedule may change.
   Read How a Bill Becomes Law to learn how a bill goes through the Legislative process, including how it can be changed and passed without any public knowledge.
Bills of interest to EMS:
  • Air ambulance, balance billing, prohibition of; billed charges, assumption of; billing dispute resolution program, establish - HB 135: Jan 04 - introduced in House. Jan 08 - to Banking & Insurance (H).
  • Certificate of need, elimination of - HB 85: Jan 02 - introduced in House. Jan 04 - to Health and Family Services (H).
  • Elections of governing bodies of certain districts - HB 186: Jan 11 - introduced in House. Jan 17 - to Local Government (H).
  • Fee disclosure posting by ambulance providers, require - HB 176: Jan 10 - introduced in House. Jan 16 - to Local Government (H). Jan 18 - posted in committee.
  • Newborn safety device, establishing - HB 167: Jan 10 - introduced in House. Jan 16 - to Health and Family Services (H).
  • Obstructing an emergency responder - HB 22: Jun 05 - Prefiled by the sponsor(s). Jan 02 - Introduced in House; to Small Business & Information Technology (H). Jan 05 - reassigned to Judiciary (H). Jan 08 - posted in committee. Jan 10 - reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar. Jan 11 - 2nd reading, to Rules. Jan 16 - posted for passage in the Consent Orders of the Day for Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Jan 17- 3rd reading, passed 94-0. Jan 18 - received in Senate. Jan 19 - to Judiciary (S).
  • Workers on duty, criminal attempt to commit murder of, classification as a violent offense for - HB 61: Nov 17 - Prefiled by the sponsor(s). Jan 02 - introduced in House; to Judiciary (H). Jan 04 - posted in committee. Jan 10, - reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar. Jan 11 - 2nd reading, to Rules; recommitted to Appropriations & Revenue (H). Jan 16 - floor amendment (1) filed.


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