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 Saturday, Dec 27 
Lexington approves $6.1 million contract for emergency operations center (Lexington Herald Leader)
Lexington is moving forward with plans to overhaul a former juvenile detention center for an emergency operations center that will move all of the city's 911 operations, LexCall 311 and emergency management operations under one roof.

 Friday, Dec 26 
A call to arms: What EMS must learn from 2014 (EMS1)
We ignore these unsettling trends in EMS at our own peril.

 Tuesday, Dec 23 
Statewide broadband initiative will begin in Eastern Kentucky (WYMT)
A statewide initiative to bring faster, more reliable internet to Kentucky was announced Tuesday in Frankfort.

 Tuesday, Dec 23 
Company who bills for SE Bullitt Fire tells its side of the story (WDRB)
When Southeast Bullitt Fire responds to a crash scene and there is a cleanup, those costs are often paid for by insurance and trucking companies. Whatever is not covered can be billed to the driver.

 Tuesday, Dec 23 
10 gift ideas for EMTs (EMS1)
EMS1 has rounded up a bundle of their favorite products that make perfect presents or stocking stuffers for the EMS providers on your list.

 Tuesday, Dec 23 
Top 5 strangest EMS stories (EMS1)
Here are some of the strangest stories from 2014.

 Monday, Dec 22 
Ky. school bus crashes: Driver and 8 students on board (EMS World)
A school bus belonging to the the Knox County Public Schools had its work day cut short, after it overturned early Friday morning while taking students to class.

 Monday, Dec 22 
Norton Suburban changing its name (WDRB)
Major construction at an east-end hospital is now complete, and the facility has a new name: Norton Women's and Kosair Children's Hospital.

 Monday, Dec 22 
Spinal immobilization: Has it gone the way of dial-up internet? (EMS1)
With studies showing spinal immobilization often does more harm than good, more agencies will adopt policies limiting backboards in 2015.

 Monday, Dec 22 
Russell County EMS to host EMR, EMT, and AEMT Courses in 2015 (Russell County EMS)

 Saturday, Dec 20 
Vanderbilt Trauma Center receives American College of Surgeons verification (EMS World)
The country's leading surgical care organization has bestowed its highest stamp of approval on Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Trauma Center.

 Saturday, Dec 20 
AAA reports CMS revised ZIP code changes for 2015 (EMS World)
The American Ambulance Association has reported that the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services revised its list of ZIP codes that will change status (rural to urban and vice versa) on January 1.

 Saturday, Dec 20 
State questions Bullitt fire district finances (Louisville Courier Journal)
Bullitt County residents for years thought no one heard their complaints about the county's largest fire district -- that it overtaxed residents, mishandled money and fostered a conflict of interest.

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Kentucky Legislative Session: The 2015 Kentucky Regular Legislative Session is a short session limited to 30 days that begins with Part 1 on January 6. A break is scheduled to begin January 10 and Part 2 convenes on February 3. Feb. 6 is the last day for new bill requests. Feb. 13 is the last day for new Senate bills and Feb. 17 is the last day for new House bills. The legislature will not meet during the Veto Period of March 10 through March 20. The final two days scheduled are March 23 through March 24. The schedule may change.
   Read How a Bill Becomes Law to learn how a bill goes through the Legislative process, including how it can be changed and passed without any public knowledge.
Bills of interest to EMS:
  • Controlled substances, penalties and protocols for deaths relating to - BR 332: Nov 20-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Controlled substances, penalties and protocols for deaths relating to - BR 59: Nov 20-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to - BR 303: Dec 12-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Controlled substances, penalties and protocols relating to - BR 333: Oct 31-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Controlled substances, penalties and protocols, relating to - BR 393: Dec 12-Prefiled by the sponsors.
  • Controlled substances, protocols relating to - BR 164: Oct 24-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Naloxone, prescribing, dispensing, and use of - BR 200: Dec 12-Prefiled by the sponsor.
  • Substance abuse, treatment of - BR 195: Sep 26-Prefiled by the sponsor.


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