Bridges to the Past

Walcott (or White) Covered Bridge

Alongside KY 1159 near Bladeston, Bracken County. ca 1880. (Rebuilt in 2002.)

Walcott Covered Bridge

  • The Walcott or White Bridge was first constructed in 1824. It was rebuilt in 1881 and remained at the original site until 1999. Severely damaged in the floods of 1997 and 1998, engineers determined a location about 400 feet east of the original site would be better for the bridge's chances of survival. The bridge was reconstructed in 2002. The bridge once carried KY 1159 across Locust Creek in Bracken County at Woolcott or Walcott, north of Brooksville. It is a 74-foot combination king and queenpost truss design and is no longer in use. The bridge was privately owned until 1953, when it was deeded to the Bracken County Historical Society (and then to the Department of Parks in 1993). During the Civil War, the bridge played a part in the Raid on Augusta. Basil Duke's men came through it on the way to Brooksville on Sept. 27, 1862.
  • East side of SR 1159 over Locust Creek. Locust Creek is approximately 0.03 miles north of SR 9 (AA Highway).
  • Location: N38° 43.979' W84° 05.940'
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Bridges to the Past Two-Day Tour:

Kentucky's 12 remaining covered bridges can be visited in a pleasant two-day tour and our suggested tour begins on day one in either Georgetown, Kentucky (along Interstate 75 north of Lexington) or Cincinnati, Ohio, continuing on day two at Interstate 64 exit # 172 near Grayson.

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