Garrard County Ambulance Director

Garrard County EMS

Posting Date: 2017-07-25
Closing Date: 2017-08-25
Organization Name: Garrard County EMS
Address: 15 Public Sqaure
City: Lancaster
County: Garrard
State: KY
Salary: negotiable
For additional information, contact: John Wilson
Contact phone: 8597923531
Contact E-Mail:
KBEMS ambulance or medical first response license: 1525

Position description: Description of Work:
General statement of duties – performs administrative and supervisory work. Performs related duties as required.
Supervision received – works under the administrative direction of the Judge Executive and the Garrard Fiscal Court.
Supervision exercised – exercises general and technical supervision over EMS staff.
Responding to emergency runs as scheduled
Typical Duties Performed:
• Works with the Judge Executive and other staff persons to accomplish the following goals and objectives.
• Proposes an annual budget to the Judge Executive by April 15th of each year and oversees the budget adopted by the Fiscal Court.
• Develops and administers the annual Ambulance budget in cooperation with the
Judge Executive; monitors expenditures and receipts.
• Financially plans for future equipment needs by preparing a five year plan.
• Communicates timely, accurate information to the Judge Executive and Garrard County Ambulance members.
• Prepares updated reports as requested to the above
• Has one on one meetings with the Judge Executive for updating on Ambulance
service status.
• Review and approves employee time cards; submits to Judge’s Office for processing.
• Oversees, directs and maintains the overall operations of Garrard EMS Service.
• Oversees Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Service requirements; ensures paperwork is completed and updated; kept on file.
• Enters all run reports in to the billing database; keeps updated (need to keep updated within 14 days).
• Attends Fiscal Court meetings and presents reports to same when directed by the Judge Executive or Fiscal Court
• Act as a representative for the Garrard Fiscal Court in all aspects of public relations.
• Attends any other required meetings as directed by the Judge Executive.
• Purchases equipment, materials and supplies in accordance with the budget and cost effectiveness; determines long range capital and equipment needs; prepares bid specification; reviews bids and purchases equipment under supervision of the Judge Executive.
• Serve as HR Director ensuring that employees adhere to policies and procedures.
• Any other task as directed by the Judge Executive.
• Develops and oversees the formation of department policies, goals and objectives.
• Ensures safety and efficiency in the workplace; submits policies as necessary for approval. Works under the auspices of the Garrard Judge Executive and the County Medical Director.
• Establishes policies and procedures for Garrard EMS to ensure the highest level of care of being rendered.
• Works with the Garrard County Fire Departments and CSEPP Director closely.
• Monitoring of crew functions during emergency calls.
• Ensures emergency vehicles are maintained and repaired
• Does rig maintenance checks, cot maintenance, medication checks, ordering supplies, fixing of equipment; daily checks
• Cleans and maintains the Ambulance building and grounds.
Crew / Assoc Members
• Encourages input from all crew members.
• Works with crew members, providing leadership, support and assistance with any
concerns regarding Assoc / Service.
• Communicates effective performance measurements for each crew member.
• Ensures new EMT and Medic hire paperwork is completed.
• Coordinates training for new personnel; conducts or assists with the training as
• Addresses personnel issues in a timely and professional manner.
• Oversees the training program for Garrard EMS staff members.
• Ensures all paperwork for Training Center is completed and submitted in an
accurate and timely manner to the state and other persons.
• Promotes proper training and supervision; assist with teaching classes.
• Schedules continuing education training sessions for EMT’s and Medics; works with Training Coordinator to determine topic of training; conducts training as necessary.
Run Billing / Accounts Payable
• Compiles billing information and submits to the billing company.
• Pulls each run report and credits each account; submits updated billing
information to the billing company.
• Sends all current and updated billing information to the Fiscal Court.
• Available to the community for billing questions, general questions, provides
information and public relation (i.e. Blood pressure checks).
• Submits Ambulance license paperwork to state
• Submits Medical Director paperwork to state
• Submits any other required paperwork to state
• Submits Medicare / Medicaid as required
• Keeps crew member files up to date
• Ensures service is compliant with state checks

Position requirements: • Serves as a Paramedic and responds to emergency calls during scheduled work hours.
• Ensures that call time is covered.
• Thorough working knowledge of the ambulance service and state regulations.
• Ability to take the initiative, develop ideas, problem solve
• Proven knowledge of third party billing systems / Billing Companies
• Positive leader
• Ability to maintain effective working relationships with a wide variety of persons
• Ability to plan and analyze department operations, develop alternatives and
determine costs.
• Ability to prepare and administer an annual budget.
• Ability to supervise staff and ensure safety in the workplace.
• Ability to work and communicate effectively with the members of the Garrard Fiscal Court, volunteer staff, state and county officials, patients, and the general public.
• Prompt handling of consumer complaints / concerns.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Two to four years supervisor/management experience preferred (in EMS), including experience with employee relations, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills.
• Current Medic licensed
• 4+ years active experience working as a Paramedic
• Prior experience working rural ambulance service operations
• High school degree or equivalent / Bachelors, Business Administration preferred
• Valid MN Class D driver’s license or equivalent
• DOT BLS Instructor, AHA CPR Instructor
• CEVO Instructor
• NIMS 100, 200, 700
• Willing to relocate to Garrard County
• Ability to lift greater than 50#’s

Benefits: County Employee Retirement Service
Employer health insurance

To apply: Email your resume to

Additional information: