Memorial Medal
Johnnie Vanderpool

G&B Ambulance Service
Salyersville, Kentucky
September 14, 1992


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

Johnnie died loving what he liked to do, helping other people. It takes a special person to become an EMT, a special person to want to help other people, but to die so young is difficult to understand.

Johnnie Vanderpool was an employee for the Magoffin County G & B Ambulance Service located in Salyersville, Kentucky. On September 14, 1992 Johnnie and his partner were making a routine patient transport when their ambulance hit a coal truck head-on. The ambulance collided with a loaded 18-wheel coal truck. The truck pushed the ambulance backward 100 feet across the road. The ambulance caught fire and both vehicles exploded and caught fire. All occupants lost their lives.

Johnnie Vanderpool, 27, of Salyersville is survived by his father, Andy Vanderpool, and his brother, Charlie.