Memorial Medal
John Everett Mackey

Jessamine County EMS
Nicholasville, Kentucky
November 9, 2015


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

John MackeyBy all accounts, Paramedic John Mackey was ‘far from normal.’ He reveled in his Scottish heritage and often wore a kilt. Among his ‘abnormal’ qualities was that he characteristically looked for the best in others and he had a passion for service. That passion as well as the influence of a family of public servants is what drew him to EMS and 16 years of dedicated service.

John Mackey gave his life in the line of duty on November 9, 2015 when he succumbed to injuries sustained four days earlier when he was struck by a car while surveying damage to his ambulance after being involved in a minor crash.

John has stepped out of the ring and thrown down the gloves, but not before giving his all in one last lifesaving act by donating his organs to someone else who may be lying in another hospital waiting for a match.

John Mackey will live on in our hearts, and we shall never forget him or his contributions to this community.

Honored 2016