Memorial Medal
Jesse Jones

Air Evac Lifeteam 109
Manchester, Kentucky
June 6, 2013


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

Jesse JonesHe was the type of nurse everyone liked. Jesse was very intelligent. He always wanted to be a nurse and wanted to fly. He made his patients feel that they were the most important person in the hospital. He loved what he did, and he did it with pride. Jesse was fun loving and had the ability to keep his partners and friends laughing to the point of tears.

A graduate of Bell County High School and Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, Jesse was an astute student focused on his goals of helping others. When he graduated in 2007, he told his professor he wanted to be a flight nurse. He loved to hunt and would remind others that deer season was starting. His friends gave him a camouflage stocking at Christmas and provided him with meals during hunting season.

Jesse loved his family and had a special relationship with his grandparents and his son Tyson. He was a proud and loving father that doted on his son as often as he could. He lived life every day to the fullest. He was always loving, kind and compassionate. He knew what to do and never looked back.

As the Air Evac crew was returning from a mission, their helicopter crashed before reaching their destination. Jesse, his pilot Eddy Sizemore, and flight medic Herman Dobbs were all killed in the tragic accident.

A co-worker quoted, "I know that even if he had to do it over, to save a person he would have gotten in the helicopter; even though he knew it was inevitable, he would have done it to save someone's life. That's just the person he was. The sky was not the limit."