Memorial Medal
John Hunter

Allen's Ambulance Service
Boonville, Kentucky
October 14, 2002


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

Not many rescue personnel will deny that when you join the Emergency Medical Services you join a family. You eat together, room together, and spend many hours, good and bad, together. This was more than true with John; he was such a fine man. Co-owner Patrick Campbell said of Hunter, "he was a wonderful person and we will miss him. He was not only a co-worker but like family too, and how he loved EMS. John was so proud to be a paramedic."

John Farley Hunter, 34, of Beverly, Kentucky, suffered full cardiac arrest after returning from a call on October 14, 2002. Following routine discussion regarding that case, he had restocked his ambulance, then told his team members he was going to lie down. During his rest another emergency call for help came in. John was on the phone with that call when his co-workers heard the phone drop. Checking to see what had happened, they found John was in cardiac arrest. An all-out effort to revive John was made by his rescue team members. He was immediately transported to Middle Kentucky River Medical Center where it was determined John had died.

Mr. Hunter had been a paramedic with Allen's Ambulance Service for two years, as long as he had been a paramedic. He was also a member of Red Bird Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc. of Beverly, Kentucky. During the summer he worked as a wildland firefighter for the National Forest Service. He served in the U.S. Army and was a Gulf War Veteran.