Memorial Medal
James Earl Travis Fryman

MedCorp Inc.
Carlisle, Kentucky
January 26, 2008


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

He had dedicated his life to helping others, and his work proved it. He was willing to work whenever we needed him. He had a special talent with children in the midst of the tragedies he often responded to. He was such a smart man, and knew his job so well; many would call it a gift. Whatever it was, Travis had it, and he was a special guy.

James Earl Travis Fryman, 25 was killed in the line of duty on January 26, 2008. He was involved in a single-vehicle accident while undertaking the duty of "proper attendance of death." He had just visited the family of a fallen firefighter who had been killed earlier in the week.

Travis was a paramedic for MedCorp Incorporated out of Carlisle, Kentucky. He served the communities of Carlisle, Vanceburg, and Portsmouth. He had served with the agency for two years, and served many overtime hours of duty. He was a dedicated health care provider whose absence to the community is heavily felt.

"He was simply an all-around great guy," stated Captain Nelson Sewell, commander of the Nicholas County EMS; "he loved his job and had an excellent personality. He tried to come across as a simple country guy, but he was brilliant."

"He loved his truck," stated a friend, "it was detailed and spotless." But he loved Emergency Medical Services more, and would make up songs about it. "He would sing his eccentric county songs as loud as he could although he couldn't sing a lick, but he did it anyway. We loved this guy, we miss him so much."