Memorial Medal
Herman "Lee" Dobbs

Air Evac Lifeteam 109
Manchester, Kentucky
June 6, 2013


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

Herman DobbsLee was a great paramedic and family man; he loved his job and his family even more. He was a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. He was a farmer and he loved horses and horseback riding. His love of horses led to his being put in charge of a horseback search unit for the Knox County Special Operations Response Team. He just loved life in general. EMS was his job. It was his life. It was his passion.

He was a flight paramedic with the Air Evac Lifeteam 109 in Manchester, Kentucky, and a paramedic with the Clay County and Knox County EMS. He was previously employed with Air Methods KY, Laurel County EMS, St. Joseph-London, Mt. Carmel Fire Department, Sullivan County EMS, Church Hill EMS, Hawkins County EMS, Greene County EMS, and Hawkins County Sheriff's Department, all in Tennessee. Lee was a mentor, known to be respectful and compassionate to not only his patients, but also all he encountered. A co-worker from Air Evac 109 said his dedication to his job, to serving those in need, and making a difference in lives was the true quality of Dobbs' character.

The Air Evac Lifeteam crew was returning to their Manchester landing base when the helicopter crashed. Pilot Eddy Sizemore, Flight Nurse Jesse Jones, and Herman Lee Dobbs, age 40, perished in the accident.

Lee had just received his "wings" from the AirEvac Lifeteam and had his first patient flight the day before.