Memorial Medal
Harold Bradley "Brad" Allgood

Mt. Washington Volunteer Fire Department
Mt. Washington, Kentucky
November 15, 1993


The following biography appears in the National EMS Memorial Book:

The Mt. Washington VFD was notified at 20:02, November 15, 1993 to respond to a rescue involving a man who was trapped under a vehicle at the scene of a collision by a drunk driver. The pumper truck headed out of the fire station. Traveling on the front seat was Judy Allgood-Hodge, engineer of the pumper, and her husband, Fire Station Lt. Wayne Hodge. EMT Brad Allgood, their son, was alert and ready on the tailboard with two other firefighters.

As the pumper entered the highway, another firefighter speeding to the rescue in his personal vehicle rear-ended the pumper, crushing Brad and dislodging his brain. He died in his mother's arms at 20:20 with his stepdad and best friend at his side. The speeding firefighter died as well; so did the trapped victim.

Brad was one of those special people who knew what he wanted to do early; he became a volunteer firefighter in September 1987 at the age of fifteen. His stepfather trained him and was his partner. Brad became an EMT in December 1990, and at the time of his death was serving as the Assistant Safety Officer. He was also Vice-President of the All County Wheelchair Transport Service, Inc., a business he had helped his mother start to transport the physically and mentally disabled in wheelchairs throughout Kentucky for medical appointments. He had served two years in the Civil Air Patrol, was a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association and was a member of the Junior Jaycees.

Since Bradley's death no rescue worker rides the tailboards in Kentucky. Mt. Washington commemorated this dedicated young man by naming a monument after him.